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John Fogle epitomizes leadership

I respect every member of the Loveland City Council. When it comes to the position of mayor, the unselfishness and dedication of the three candidates is very obvious.

I strongly support John Fogle for mayor. The key reason is based on the importance of having a belief in principle over personality. I’ve observed how John Fogle consistently raises the bar by having his decisions always based on principle versus personality. I also admire and respect Larry Heckel, because he is a principle-based individual who taught me to be better at what I do in business decades ago, when I failed to honor him as a buyer.

However, I support John Fogle because of his business experience, Loveland City Council experience and, equally important, because he is strongly supported by Mayor Cecil Gutierrez, who has done such a marvelous job as mayor for all of us, inmy opinion.

Perhaps one of the reasons is Mayor Gutierrez’s his military service and being a teacher. He became a chief warrant officer in the United States Army. As a former Marine and a veteran of Vietnam, I have much respect for warrant officers. The combination of the experience gained while an enlisted soldier with the responsibility of becoming a warrant officer delivers incredible wisdom and experience, The mayor fully supports John Fogle.

John Fogle epitomizes leadership that comes from a diverse career background. His ability to sum up and articulate the outcomes that serve the community, businesses, individuals and groups are very holistic; while solidifying what the city of Loveland stands for, and honoring the importance of positive growth, growth that serves everyone.

This is a very important election, Not voting is an act of self-robbery.

Bill Corbett Loveland


John Fogel the right person for mayor

John Fogel is a longtime Loveland resident who knows our community and has a clear and reasonable vision for growth while preserving the quality of life we enjoy. John has shown his leadership qualities as city councilor since 2011 and this past year as mayor pro-tem. He has repeatedly shown his dedication to the city and in keeping Loveland vibrant with his support of the historic downtown and redevelopment efforts. He also understands the need for diverse revenue centers across the entire city and the need for infrastructure improvements.

I have worked directly with John on the Historic Preservation Commission, which he serves as council liaison, and have found him to be insightful, thoughtful, and a visionary. He is a down to earth, get straight to the point type of man that I respect and we need as major. I urge everyone to vote for John Fogel for mayor. He will represent our whole community well.

Paula Sutton Loveland resident Loveland Historic Preservation Commissioner


Fogle will keep Loveland on right path for the future

I am writing in support of John Fogle. I have had the privilege to meet and listen to all three candidates for mayor. They all have a passion on how they wish to represent Loveland, but one stood out more than the others. Loveland is a very diverse city and has many aspects that need to be considered when making decisions. While the other two candidates have a strong belief in their particular interests, there is only one that has his focus on all areas of our community that are of importance. That person is John Fogle.

If you wish to have a mayor that represents all of us, John is definitely that person. Help keep Loveland on the right path for the future of our community.

Vote John Fogle for mayor.

Kurt Albers Loveland


Fogle, Wright are clear choices for Loveland mayor and Ward II

The choice is pretty clear in two races for City Council this year, mayor andWard II. I want individuals representing us who are hard workers and have the interest of Loveland at heart. I don’t appreciate those who waste their time, and ours, perpetrating “contrived controversies.” I want problem solving visionaries as our leaders. I support candidates who can articulate their vision, goals and objectives for the future of our city. If all you can tell me is what you are “against,” or just regurgitate national political dogma, then you will not receive my support.

I will be voting for John Fogle for mayor because he has demonstrated his dedication to keeping all of Loveland vibrant. He has spent the past several years on the Board of the Downtown Development Authority, working hard to make downtown the thriving “Heart” of Loveland. John also understands the need for diverse revenue generating centers across the entire city, not just downtown. His support for infrastructure upgrades is documented.

Being a member of the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority Board is a testament to his interest in public safety. It was his idea to authorize a 5 percent “over hire” for the Police Department so they could stay ahead of filling positions when they occurred.

KathiWright is a proven dynamic civic leader. Her leadership of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County has garnered significant recognition for positive results. She has increased the service to the youths of all Larimer County through growth to many of the smaller communities in the county. Her collaborative spirit, “can do” attitude, and visionary acumen are valuable in representing us on City Council. She plans, then implements.

Please join me in supporting John Fogle and Kathi Wright. They will tackle the real issues.

Cecil A. Gutierrez Loveland Mayor


John Fogle asks only, ‘Is it good for Loveland?’

Loveland has an excellent choice for mayor. Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle is a long time Loveland resident and has served on City Council since 2011. John brings experience and knowledge to this position.

He has served as a charter board member of the Downtown Development Authority and has been involved with the Foundry Project.

John supports the revitalization of our downtown.

While he has shown leadership in downtown development, he also realizes there is a broader role that Loveland must play in the Northern Colorado region.

John attends regional leadership meetings and has good working relationships with the political and business leaders of our neighboring communities.

John knows what it takes to run a business, create jobs and meet a payroll. His business leadership in the community has earned him the endorsement of the NoCo Home Builders Association and the Loveland Berthoud Association of Realtors. John also has the endorsements of Leah Johnson, Rich Ball and outgoing Mayor Cecil Gutierrez. He believes in solid fiscal responsibility and is a good steward of our money. He asks only, “Is it good for Loveland?” Vote for John for our next mayor of Loveland.

Earl Sethre Loveland


Fogle has proven he is for all of Loveland

I have admired and respected Mayor Cecil Gutierrez for years and have been very pleased with his fine leadership. When Cecil endorsed John Fogle for mayor, I sat up and listened.

What I find concerning is the hateful divisiveness created by at least two conservative (and one former) members of the current city council.

In my opinion, this has been done in a subversive and unethical manner. When the RH would discuss past council emails, now available to the public, I paid attention. I also remember the article about the Sprouts plot and the letter writer that was revealed in court.

Their social media chatter is also intended to discredit John Fogle. It doesn’t matter to them that it isn’t factual or is taken out of context.

I don’t condone Fogle’s sharing the Trump cartoon last year that is now in question, but it was on private email. I do know that people make mistakes and this was one of them. Are these three men perfect angels? I don’t think so.

John Fogle is a longtime business leader who has proven that he is for all of Loveland and not just downtown.

John Fogle will be an excellent Mayor.

Bonnie McDermid Loveland


NoCo Home Builders Association announces picks for Loveland mayor

The Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado announced its support Monday (10/9) for councilor and mayoral candidates in the Loveland city election.

The Association said in a press release that the organization backs John Fogle for Loveland mayor, as well as Jeremy Jerswig for theWard I council seat, Gail Snyder for theWard II council seat, Steve Olson for theWard III council seat and Dave Clark for theWard IV council seat.

The NoCo HBA describes itself as “the voice of the home building industry throughout Larimer and Weld Counties” and is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders, which represents over 130,000 member companies nationwide. More information available at


The city of Loveland needs strong business leadership

I have known John Fogle for more than 40 years. He is a good father and devoted husband. John is also a successful businessman and has started and owned several very profitable businesses in Loveland. These businesses were and are successful and they provide many employment opportunities for the citizens of Loveland.

The city of Loveland needs strong business leadership going forward. I am convinced John will ensure successful growth and profitability for the Loveland community. We need people like John Fogle who are not afraid to stand for their beliefs and make the right decisions for the citizens of Loveland.

I fully support John Fogle for mayor of Loveland and urge other citizens of Loveland to join my support.

Cal Schreiner Loveland


LBAR (Loveland Berthoud Association of Realtors)

I want to personally thank LBAR (Loveland Berthoud Association of Realtors) for their endorsement of my candidacy for Mayor. Most importantly I want to thank Renae Hupp, Government Affairs Chair, and Barbara Koelzer for all the work that group has performed in assisting the City of Loveland and the Council while we work on our new disclosure policies regarding property sales and Metro districts in the City. Loveland is better when we all work together!


John Fogle has proven to be a good steward of city finances

Currently I serve on the Loveland Historic Preservation Commission, the Loveland Development Partnership and have been on committees that selected the developer for The Foundry project and the committee that negotiated the contract with Brinkman, the developer of The Foundry. Serving on these commissions and committees I was in constant contact with Councilman John Fogle. At these meetings John would present options for discussion including concepts that would save the citizens of Loveland money. The result was a better outcome for less money.

I wholeheartedly endorse Councilman John Fogle for mayor as time after time I have witnessed his ability to be a good steward with Loveland’s finances and achieve outstanding results.

Jim Cox Loveland


We had the good fortune to work with John Fogle for years as co-sponsors of a teenaged youth group. We know he will bring the same dedication and innovative thought process to City Council that he brought to that group. We are pleased to endorse John for City Council.
Jim and Char McDonald, Loveland Colorado (2011 Election)


I've known John Fogle for over 30 years, both as a young man and as a Loveland businessman. John brings the business know-how, conservative thinking, and overall strengths the council needs for the future. He has my support.

Larry Heckle, Loveland City Council, Ward 4  (Offered for 2011 election)


John Fogle has deep roots in the Loveland community having graduated from Loveland High. After college he returned to take over the family business. His business employer and ownership skills will serve the Loveland community well.

Rich Ball, J. D. Loveland  (2011 Election)


I am delighted that my friend, John Fogle, has entered into the Ward 3 City Council race. I have known and worked closely with him for more than 25 years, and am continuously impressed by his intellect and gifts. He is a man of honor and intergrity whose real world busniess experince has made him a gifted leader. I believe that his potential election portends well for the future of our city.

Rev. Robert Dooling, Pastor Emeritus, Mountain View Presbyterian Church, Loveland (2011 Election)


Scott and I have counted on John Fogle to help put out lots of fires here at Graham's Carpet Network. John is always dedicated and professional, that is why he is an invaluable resource for our team. He will be a priceless resource for our Loveland City Council, we are proud to support his candidacy.

Monica & Scott Graham, Grahams Carpet Network, Ward 3, Loveland (2011 Election)



In the dozen years that I have known John Fogle I can say that I have never seen him falter in any project he has under taken. He is willing to go the extra mile with integrity and commitment. Hard work is no stranger to John and his character shines in personal and private relationships.

Kim Stenson, RED LINE Heating and Cooling, Ward 3, Loveland (2011 election)


I have personally and professionally worked with John Fogle for over 30 years John is always professional with business matters, and is very detailed oriented.  I personally think that John is an outstanding individual and there is no better candidate for city council.

Andrew Warner, Warner Auto Body and Sales, Ward 3, Loveland (2011 election)


As the regional manager for one of Loveland’s local businesses, I care very much about Loveland politics.  I have had the great pleasure and honor to get to know John Fogle very well over the last several years.  He is an honest, stand-up guy and he always gets the job done.  His views support local business, helping the economy and creating local jobs.  His approach is one that makes sense and one that I fully support.  With John as City Councilman, I know Loveland will be in good hands.

Candace Paterson, Regional Manager, Kangaroo Self Storage - Ward 3, Loveland (2011 Election)


The business expertise, penetrating evaluations and objective judgements of John Fogle are needed on the Ward 3 seat of the Loveland City council, and I support his candidacy.

Daryle Klassen, Loveland City Council, Ward 1 (2011 Election)


One of the most remarkable things about Loveland is how people want to do what they can to help our town become better.  John Fogle is just that kind of person and one who brings a lifetime of business sense and common sense to his conversations about the future of our town.  I am proud to endorse John for Ward III City Council and look forward to working with him to serve our constituents.

Hugh McKean – Loveland City Council – Ward 3 (2011 Election)


Voting  for candidates who have fiduciary leadership experience in balancing budgets and who believe in having adequate rainy day funds are the best ways to manage government overspending and increased taxation. Your vote  is  a huge personal  responsibility . The stakes are extremely high, if we want to keep Loveland an affordable place to live. 

Ward 3 City Council candidate John Fogle, is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 15 and successfully partnered with his Dad to survive during the turbulent times in the automobile dealership industry. John Fogle has a very strong business development background and knows how to create new jobs in Loveland. He would be an excellent addition to the Loveland City Council.
If you live in Ward 3 -- Vote for John Fogle -- I certainly will.


Walt Skowron,
Past City Councilman, Loveland, Ward 3
Past Board Member - National League of Cities
Past President - Loveland Chamber of Commerce  (2011 Election)


 I have known and worked with John for many years and found him to be honest, smart and fair-minded. I think he would make an excellent councilman for the City of Loveland. His business savvy and political acumen will serve Ward 3 well.
Scott McBryde, Owner, Fiona's Deli and Catering  (2011 Election)



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