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John Fogle is a 46-year resident of Loveland and served on Loveland City Council since 2011, and as Mayor ProTem since 2015.

During his time on Council, Fogle has been active in the Downtown redevelopment project, serving as a Charter Board Member of the Downtown Development Authority and a committee member on the cities negotiation team that worked with City staff and Brinkman Partners on the Foundry Project. Other accomplishments include: Charter Board member of Loveland Fire Authority, Council liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission, Council liaison to the Cultural Services Commission, Council Liaison to the Construction Advisory board, Council Liaison to the Broadband Taskforce and many more ….

 “Mayor Gutierrez has served our City with distinction for 8 years and is ready to enjoy his family time (and a new Granddaughter!). Cecil has raised the water level when it comes to being Mayor – and I can only attempt to fill some very big shoes!  It is with a deep sense of 
pride and humility, I accept his endorsement and support in my run for Mayor. In the spirit of a true non-partisan race, I graciously accept his offer to be Chairman of my Campaign Committee, and the services of Debbie Davis as my treasurer. I look forward to working with all of Loveland’s citizen’s during this exciting political season”.  John Fogle.

 “After serving my country for over 50 years, in the military, as a teacher and on Loveland City Council, it is time to take a step back and enjoy time with my granddaughters and family,” said Cecil Gutierrez, Mayor of Loveland. “I am pleased to support my long-time friend and colleague, John Fogle, in his run for Mayor. John's leadership on Downtown, Broadband and the Loveland Rural Fire Authority, and many other areas, make him a great candidate to lead the Sweetheart City in these very exciting times. John has a record of working with folks of all political views and will 
be a voice to continue to move Loveland forward.”

 “When it comes to supporting issues – I have only one meter – ‘Is it good for Loveland?’.  
                    So, when you look at my voting history – 
                                                I hope it is clear – ‘I vote for Loveland!,” said Fogle.

 John Fogle

 Phone: 970-679-7649


My Motto Is Simple
I Vote Loveland!


Why John Fogle ?

- 46 years in Loveland
- Loveland Businessman
 City Council -- 5 years
- Local Volunteer(Youth)
- Straight Talk
- Common Sense Approach
- I Vote for Loveland !